7 Bad Dental Habits That Are Ruining Your Teeth

Chewing Ice

It may be a refreshing habit, but unfortunately, this habit is hardly discussed but can damage your teeth. It can crack the enamel on your teeth and over time it gets bigger and ends up with a cavity. Once a cavity develops, a dentist visit is a must to fill it or even extract it.

Using your teeth as a tool

Using your teeth as a tool may be the easiest way to open a packet of chips or a bottle cap, or even some tape. Better think next time! Using your teeth, will severely damage them and can lead to tooth fracture unexpectedly and without intending to.

Nail Biting

Lets face it. Most of us do it either because it is a habit or perhaps because they are nervous or anxious. Our dentists say it can become a dental problem by creating a splint in the tooth and potentially break the tooth exposing the underlying structures such as the dentin that is extremely sensitive to an external stimulus. Our practitioners say to reduce the habit it is advised to have a bitter-tasting nail polish or learn stress reducing activities.

Brushing technique matters

Brushing your teeth is a habit we all need to commit to, but how you brush your teeth can be very harmful. Using a hard bristle and brushing too hard can damage the upper layer of your tooth. This can lead to further dental complications, such as forming cavities or splinters. It is recommended to use a soft bristle and a circular gentle motion for at least 2 min.

Snacking and Diet

Snacking is ok but snacking on what, is what we have to talk about. Snacking foods that are in high sugars and/or acidic are harmful in regards to oral hygiene. Such foods can reduce oral pH, leave food particles in your mouth and damage the enamel layer, all of which can damage your teeth.

Tooth grinding and jaw clenching

These habits can occur when you are unaware of them. Tooth grinding can occur due to being nervous and anxious, as well as while you are sleeping. When you are grinding your teeth, it can lead to a tooth being chipped that temporarily can cause pain if its serious enough, while small ones can develop into a cavity that needs a dental visit to be resolved.

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