Our Secret Ingredients…is no secret!

Sodium Bicarbonate

This ancient ingredient is a naturally occurring ingredient and best known as Baking Soda. It has a fine yet effective abrasive texture that helps polish the teeth and remove surface stains. Our research shows that this bicarbonate helps raise the pH of the mouth closer to neutral to help reduce the risk of tooth decay or erosion. Sodium Bicarbonate also protects from enamel damage while achieving maximum whitening results

Sodium Chlorite

AND that is not Sodium Chloride – Table Salt. This has different chemical properties, yet very similar chemical element to NaCl. This ingredient has a powerful oxidizing agent, which is used for bleaching and antimicrobial treatment. Further, Sodium Chlorite improves mouth odour by reducing plaque formation and bacteria in saliva.

Aloe Vera

Is an abundant plant around the world. It is normally used for agricultural and medicinal uses, and even as a tasty drink. In our Glo® whitening gel, we managed to extract the Aloe Vera ingredient in its very raw element to maximize its anti-inflammatory properties, which is perfect for sensitive teeth and gums.


We ALL love eating pomegranate but in our case it is used to improve your overall oral health. Pomegranate is rich in vitamin C, potassium and even fibre. Antioxidants is also a main element of this precious fruit, and it has 3x the amount that you find in green tea, making it the most powerful naturally occurring anti-inflammatory ingredient in its class. Just like Aloe Vera, it fights gum diseases and infections, as well as it’s the perfect ingredient for strengthening teeth.


Is a common plant, and is best known to be used in herbal medicines and remedies (you probably drink it when you are sick). Chamomile has an anti-inflammatory property, thus it has this soothing feeling when consumed. In Glo® gel, chamomile extract helps with reducing oral inflammation and plaque formation, and it can be absorbed down the tooth root to assist as a disinfectant. It has a hypoallergenic nature, which makes it great for sensitive teeth and gums

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