Teeth Sensitivity? Causes, Treatment & Prevention

An in depth oral care routine is necessary to keep your teeth & gums healthy. Learn the 8 tips & tricks guaranteed to give you perfect teeth
1. Brush your teeth twice a day
Brushing twice a day prevents bad breath, improves gum health but most importantly keeps your teeth whiter. When you brush twice a day, you can help remove some of the pigments from the food and drinks that have not been fully absorbed by your teeth.

If you brush with a whitening toothpaste, you can give your teeth an even greater chance of avoiding discoloration which makes our Day & Night Toothpaste a great addition to your routine. Our Day Toothpaste contains a unique micro-shield wax which forms a protective barrier over your teeth to defend against stains throughout the day. Our Night Toothpaste contains natural charcoal to gently buff away surface stains over time.

2. Brush the right way
The way you use your toothbrush is just as important. You should take your time (at least 2 minutes), brushing in a mild, circular motion which will help to remove plaque.

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