What is sensitivity? Causes. Treatment. Prevention

Sensitivity can be experienced differently by many people. However, the common feeling would be sharp pain in either teeth or in the gum that is aggravated when consuming hot or cold beverages. Reason for this unpleasant feeling is usually due to worn out enamel and exposed tooth roots. Often, visiting the dentist can be sufficient to address such issues had they occurred. 

In saying that, visiting the dentist is no pleasant experience and may be costly. At Glo® we recommend brushing your teeth 3 times daily with a soft bristle brush, and continue to floss. In addition, diet and lifestyle plays a major part in your oral health status.

What is enamel and how it causes sensitivity to your teeth?

It is an outer layer protection on your tooth that protects the underlying structure of the tooth called dentin. When dentin is exposed, the nerve endings is also exposed. These nerves are then exposed to many stimulants such as hot, cold, acidic stimulants and sticky foods, all cause pain and discomfort.


Here at Glo® we have 8 recommendations that you can do everyday as part of your routine to prevent tooth sensitivity.

  • Abstain from brushing too hard and vigorously
  •  Reduce consumption of acidic foods. Tomatoes, orange juice, soft drink, and pickled vegetables 
  •  Tooth grinding is a common behaviour amongst many. It removes enamel, which is the outer layer of your tooth that protects the dentin and nerve endings. 
  •  Excessive plaque. Plaque can damage the protective layer on teeth. 
  •  Low pH/acidic based toothpaste and mouthwash (only go with reputable brands) 
  • Gum disease/infection 
  •  Dental procedures - too frequent dental cleans
  •  Cracked tooth

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